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The following guest reviews are submitted by guests after their stay at the Yosemite Westgate Lodge. These reviews are the opinions of the guest that reflect their experience at this property.

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Elizabeth Kemper
Elizabeth Kemper  
Flag US
September 27, 2019

"Loved this place!”

Wonderful place for your Yosemite area stay! Close to the park entrance, wonderful staff, great room, restaurant right next door, full of amenities for families. We highly recommend this hotel and for sure will stay here again when we are visiting Yosemite. We were here in early September, 2019. The area was NOT overcrowded but this hotel was about full, if not completely full. Yet, still plenty of parking, room in the hot tub and at the pool, and in the restaurant. The owners and staff are wonderful.

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Flag USA
March 23, 2019

"Great experience”

Very close to Yosemite Westgate. The staff was very friendly & welcoming. We were greeted with genuine warm hospitality. Our room was clean. very comfortable and spacious and the location was perfect. We would stay there again.

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