Rest and Relaxation at last!

David/marielou G.

"Rest and Relaxation at last!”

We have used this hotel a few times before and found it very nice and accommodating. it is very clean, very quiet. We usually don't get there until 11 pm at night and staff is always pleasant and respectful. I believe the reason why this place is a favorite for so many people is due to they treat people as they would like to be treated. it is more than a policy or procedure it is a way of life for them. Only one negative and that is the bathtubs when taking a shower don't drain fast enough, so while taking a shower you are standing in a tub of water a few inches deep. probably easily corrected though. The location is great! close to Yosemite entrance and 10 minutes away from food and other necessities. Thank for all they do to make our weekend a great one.

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