Visit The Yosemite Pioneer History Center

August 01, 2015
Category: Attractions

Yosemite Pioneer History Center an open air museum in southern Yosemite National Park features buildings and exhibits of the History of Yosemite. The Pioneer History Center is a collection of old buildings, most of them relocated to this location from other areas within the park. There are informational signs throughout the park describing the bridge and other historical buildings at the History Center.

The Pioneer Yosemite History Center is a collection of many buildings (most originally not located in Wawona), which are supposed to comprise a kind of chapter history of old-fashioned life in the park. Yosemite Pioneer History Center retains historic integrity embodied in its location, design, setting, materials, workmanship, feeling, and association. In addition it conveyed the following landscape characteristics as spatial organization, natural systems and features, land use, buildings and structures, views and vistas, small scale features and circulation. There is not a fee to visit this attraction. The History Center is always open with brochures and interpretive signs available for self-guided tours also. The walking tour is easy for all ages and abilities year-round. There is also a stagecoach that provides rides for a small price.

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