Make Your Visit to Yosemite National Park Unforgettable

October 16, 2016
Category: Attractions

If you’re planning a visit to Yosemite, you’ve probably already realized just how much there is to do in the national park. If you’re having a difficult time trying to decide exactly what to do, don’t worry. We’ve got a list of the must-see sights and must-do experiences to make your visit Yosemite National Park a memorable one, whether you’re staying for just a couple of days or a few weeks.

• Mariposa, Tuolumne, and Merced Groves of Giant Sequoias

Most people think of mountains and streams when they imagine Yosemite, but the giant sequoia groves are among the most incredible natural sights in the park. These massive trees can live to be over 3000 years old, and their age shows in their incredible size. It’s difficult to comprehend how a single living plant can reach such inconceivable heights, and the sight is humbling in the best possible way.

• Park Tours

Tours are arranged to give visitors the best possible experience in the park. You can choose a hiking tour if you’re interested in seeing the sights, or a wildlife tour to bring you face to face with some of Yosemite’s wildlife. For those unable to hike, Yosemite Hospitality offers tram and bus tours year round.

• Yosemite Falls

If you see just one waterfall on your trip, make it Yosemite Falls. This hiking trail requires a 2-3 hour round trip on steep trails, but the view that awaits you is worth every step. 2400 gallons per second course over a 1400 foot cliff, making it the 5th largest falls in the world. The awe-inspiring sight is sure to leave you speechless.

• El Capitan

This 3600 foot piece of granite is on every climber’s bucket list, but you can just as easily enjoy the view as scale the rock face. There are a number of different vantage points from which to see this impressive natural monument, so you can choose the one that fits best with the rest of your park plans.

• Glacier Point

As long as you aren’t afraid of heights, you must make sure that Glacier Point is on your list. You and your party can hike or drive to the overlook spot to view some of the most awe-inspiring sights Yosemite has to offer. Make sure you bring your camera. Even the most amateur photographer will want a picture or two from this incredible vantage point.

• Finding a Hotel Near Yosemite National Park

The last thing you need to do to make sure your stay is everything you imagined is to make sure you get a great place to spend the night. The Yosemite Westgate Lodge is located just a short distance from the park’s west gate entrance, and offers luxury hotel rooms for you and your companions. In keeping with the expansive spaces in the park, the hotel features spacious rooms filled with professional photography from Yosemite. Westgate Lodge also offers some of the best hotel packages in Yosemite to reward guests for staying. Make your reservations now while rooms are still available!