Don't Miss Calaveras Big Trees State Park This Summer

July 12, 2015
Category: Attractions

Calaveras Big Trees the most is that you can hike and explore it’s history at the same time. Grab a guide and explore stops filled with fascinating information. There are two trails there, one is 1.6 miles and another one 5 miles. The smaller one is stroller friendly and can be easily done with small kids.

Such a fantastic place to learn about the areas history and amazing BIG trees! This place has numerous trails from easy to mile loop strolls to good up down hikes, a lot of the trails are in shade to partial sun.

If you have never seen the big trees, this is a perfect place for you to get that experience. What a great state park and wonderful place to see the tall sequoia trees. The trail is neatly kept and there are clearly numbered sites that are described in the brochure, which you get at the entarance.

Calaveras State Park is immense, so grab a map and try not to get lost. As with all California State Parks, the trails are labeled clearly and well maintained. At the entrance to the park they have a visitor center and a gift shop with a little learning lounge attached to it.

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